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Canon 5D mark 3

Last week I bought the new Canon 5D mk3, I got the camera to be used along side my 5D mk 2 and 7D. This is not a review on the camera, there are heaps of them around, it is just to show some of my first photos taken with it.

On the weekend I took some surf shots and I also had a Smash the Cake photo shoot in Brisbane for a 1st Birthday, all I will say is that the camera is amazing to use.

There are heaps of 5d mk3 vs the D800 reviews going around at the moment and I think the people who are trash talking each camera probably haven’t used either of them because they are both amazing camera’s.

Any way here are some shots!

Thanks for looking!!!


Coolangatta Crowds

After my shoot for EvoStyle on Wednesday I popped over to have a look at the beach. It was perfect swimming weather, no good surf but nice clear skies and clear water.

Thanks for looking!!!

First empty wave wednesday

I thought that I would start my own photo themes for this site, and as I love waves it was only natural that my first one would be dedicated to them so empty waves wednesday is born.

This empty wave is a secret reef down in victoria, I love this spot it is so photogenic and can get pretty heavy. 16 is all I will say.