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BSA ltd

This week I shot inside the ONE ONE ONE building in Brisbane for BSA ltd.

Here are some of the shots!

Thanks for looking!!!


{ Ellyse Turns One }

What an absolute treat – to photograph a beautiful baby one year on.

Ellyse is turning into such a beautiful little girl.

We were so excited to capture her special milestone of turning one…

Ellyse at 8 weeks.

Ellyse at One Year

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Canon 5D mark 3

Last week I bought the new Canon 5D mk3, I got the camera to be used along side my 5D mk 2 and 7D. This is not a review on the camera, there are heaps of them around, it is just to show some of my first photos taken with it.

On the weekend I took some surf shots and I also had a Smash the Cake photo shoot in Brisbane for a 1st Birthday, all I will say is that the camera is amazing to use.

There are heaps of 5d mk3 vs the D800 reviews going around at the moment and I think the people who are trash talking each camera probably haven’t used either of them because they are both amazing camera’s.

Any way here are some shots!

Thanks for looking!!!