Wet Day Fun

It’s my Birthday today and its still raining so I went out in the garden with my son and let him play in the rain, he loves playing in the dirt so playing in the mud is even better.

Elijah enjoyed watching his brother play in the rain.


Thanks for looking!!!


Gold Coast Under Water

After Days of heavy rain, the Gold Coast and other areas in SE Queensland and Northern NSW have flooded. Many roads were cut off and inland seas were being created. When I shot these images yesterday (25th of Jan) in the afternoon the rain had stopped and the water had already started to reseed.

We were told that we would be getting another huge down poor of up to 200 mm yesterday but as I looked on the radar it was all out to see. There was a similar system out to see in the morning to and if both had of been over land I would say many homes would have been under water.

Its Ausralia day today and most effected areas are back to normal with just a mess left but we are meant to get more heavy rain on friday and into the weekend so it could all be flooded again.

Any way here are some shots I got just around my area not far from my house.

Thanks for looking!!!