About Matt Robertson:
Matt grew up in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria where he spent
most of his free time and class time drawing. He always thought he would
grow up and be a graphic designer or Illustrator, it wasn’t until he was
studying Illustration that he picked up a camera for the first time.Taking
photos soon became his passion and lead him down a different path in life.
Having learnt about light etc in Art school he used what he had learnt and
applied it to photography. Photography has become an obsession for him.

Matts Greatest inspiration and source of joy is his beautiful boy’s
Xavier four and Elijah 10 months going on 10 years.
Watching them play pulls at the heart strings and makes Matt and
Danni (his talented Graphic Designer Wife) incredibly happy.

Through Matt’s photography he hopes to open peoples eyes to the
true beauty in our lives. To capture the glow of impending
motherhood, the look of awe on a new fathers face, the wonder
exchanged between newly weds, the innocence of children at play.

Matt feels the best portrait is not the one we pose for, but the one
caught in the moment, the moment you say I do, that first kiss as man
and wife. The photo that show’s the true spirit and connection to the
one’s that you love, those cherished memories that will be with you for
your lifetime and the lifetime of those in your life that complete you.


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