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Elijah Has A New Hat

Elijah loves a bath and he knows if he gets messy enough he will get one. So he decided to rub his yogurt all over his face and wear it as a hat.



Eli Up And Walking

It is exciting times for my family as my youngest is starting to walk, he is 10 months and we are stoked that he will be walking for his first Birthday party.

I love watching his face as he walks because he is so proud of him self and he loves it when his big brother gets excited for him.


{ Ellyse Turns One }

What an absolute treat – to photograph a beautiful baby one year on.

Ellyse is turning into such a beautiful little girl.

We were so excited to capture her special milestone of turning one…

Ellyse at 8 weeks.

Ellyse at One Year

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Canon 5D mark 3

Last week I bought the new Canon 5D mk3, I got the camera to be used along side my 5D mk 2 and 7D. This is not a review on the camera, there are heaps of them around, it is just to show some of my first photos taken with it.

On the weekend I took some surf shots and I also had a Smash the Cake photo shoot in Brisbane for a 1st Birthday, all I will say is that the camera is amazing to use.

There are heaps of 5d mk3 vs the D800 reviews going around at the moment and I think the people who are trash talking each camera probably haven’t used either of them because they are both amazing camera’s.

Any way here are some shots!

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Just Like Snapper

I watched a clip today and I was amazed at how similar this wave was to Snapper, In 2010 Snapper Rocks had really good banks and the waves on some of the days were amazing, some of the most perfect below sea level waves I have seen. Here is a few shots from that day and the clip as well.

 Now the Video

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Faerie Park Easter Egg Hunt

On Easter Saturday my wife organised to have a fun day in the park for the kids, there was a egg hunt, arts and crafts and other fun activities for the kids to enjoy.

The day was alot of fun, here are the photos from the morning.

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Good Friday Special

Happy Easter!

The Gold Coast was given pumping waves for the Easter break and I spent the last 2 days shooting down in Coolangatta. I would like to thank Carool Holiday Apartments for letting me shoot from their roof top! If you want to stay some where with amazing views definitely stat at Carool! Best view on the Gold Coast.

Hope you like the photos!

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Mother’s Day Offer

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Week Of Waves

Looking at the Swellnet surf forecast this morning, it looks like Gold Coasters are going to be treated to a great run of waves. All week looks to be great with Thursday into Friday set to be Epic on the points.

Here is a shot from the same time a few years ago.

5th of April, 2010

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Walking At Burleigh

Burleigh is a great place to walk and there is always something going on along the walking path, yesterday the swell had dropped off al ot from previous days but there was still some fun rides to be had on the Point and some fun beachies.

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