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Burleigh Barrel Fest

Yesterday I went to Burlight Point as I heard it had been good in previous days, when I got there it was cranking! The cove was perfect and even Kelly Slater was there in on the action as well.

Here are some shots from the session, Enjoy!


Kelly Slater locked into a drainer.

The waves were so perfect and guys were making deep barrels.

Kelly Slater inside a chunky one.

I love Burleigh Point, best view!

Locked In!

Setting up for the barrel.

The Cove.

Clean as a whistle.

The Green Room.

Not a drop out of place!

Kelly Slater standing tall inside a bomb.

Thanks for looking!Backside pit.

Thanks for looking!!!



Naked Waves 2

Here are some more empty gems from my archives, Hope you like the photos!!

All Time Kirra

Magiclands – Cape Woolamai 

Snapper Blue Room

DBah Pit

Thick Snapper

Steep Deadmans 

Left or Right In Victoria

Perfect Dbah

Golden Hour 


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Coolie Gold

This arvo I went down to Coolangatta to try and get some shots with some nice afternoon light. The waves were pretty good down at Snapper, not barreling to good but nice long clean walls if you could get one with out being dropped in on by 10 other surfers.  Snapper is like no other place, so many good waves get wasted by every one just dropping in on each other.

The colours after the sun had gone down were pretty good and there was a storm right about Surfers that looked pretty crazy.

Hope you like the Shots!

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Naked Waves

I Love Line Up shots, so I thought I would post a random selection of Line Ups from my collection.


Secret NSW SlabSecret Victorian SlabBurleigh PointDurnabahSecret Victorian Slab
Kirra PointSecret Victorian Slab

Snapper Rocks

Thanks for looking!!!

Morning Burleigh

I went to Burleigh Point this morning, like every morning at Burleigh you see lots of surfers, lots of people getting fit and lots of people drinking coffee at the Nook. The surf had dropped off alot but it looked perfect for a swim or for a gromm to learn on.

Hope you like the photos!

Thanks for looking!!!


Back To The Beach

I got back to the beach this morning, I haven’t shot much coast stuff in recent times and I am going to try and shoot a few shots each day of what’s going on at the various famous Gold Coast beach’s.

This morning I went down to Coolie, The waves were in the 4 foot range and the tide was getting pretty full, the points would have been pumping if it was low tide but there were still long clean walls for the surfers. Dbah was not to bad, few ok barrels around.

Froggies Beach, the sun was trying to rise through the rain clouds.

Froggies Beach, some big sets were washing through this morning.

Duranbah, the banks didn’t look to bad.

Kirra Point, The Old girl was looking pretty good, the banks look good and I hope there is a big swell to light it up soon.

Thanks for Looking!

More Rain

The Gold Coast Hinterlands look pretty cool when its raining, all the mist and low lying clouds make it look pretty spooky, It’s raining again and seems like we get more rainy days than sunny lately.

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Liam’s First Birthday Shoot

Yesterday we did a photo shoot for Liam’s first birthday. The Shoot was meant to be a smash the cake shoot and Liam’s older brother Dillon was also going to get involved.

Liam was very unsure about the cake and not keen to make a mess and Dylan was happy to just pick at the cake, so there was no smashing the cake but we did get some great shots of the boys and their Mum. So all in all we are very happy with the shoot.

Hope you like the photos!!!

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Simone + Robert & their Furry Friends

Last week we did a Furry Friends Shoot with Simone, Robert and their pets. 3 dogs and a talking bird, its amazing to see how happy and well looked after the animals are as Simone has saved all of them from an uncertain future.

It was a fun shoot, hope you like the photos!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

The Patti Family

Last week I did a family shoot for a family who was up on holidays, they had a 9 month old boy and we did the shoot around where they were staying. The shoot went really good and they were a really nice family so it was a good session.

Hope you like the photos!

Thanks for looking!!!