It’s Monday

Hi every one, It’s Monday and I thought I would do a few photo theme’s while I have a spare moment.

The first one is #MountainMonday curated by +Michael Russell

This is a shot taken at sunset looking over at the Gold Coast Hinterlands. Its a very simple image and I think that is why i like it.

The next one is #MacroMonday curated by +Kerry Murphy, +Jennifer Eden, and +Kelli Seeger Kim.

Macro shots can be pretty cool and give you a different perspective on things, here is a spider with water droplets on it.

One of my favourite  themes is #MidairMonday Curator +Jeff Moreau .

This is a shot of Craig Anderson surfing a Dbah on the Gold Coast, I had seen him in surf DVDs and he surfs insanely good  and I was stoked to be able to get some shots of him.

Last but not least there is #ActionMonday curated by +Adrian Buturca.

I Love shooting heavy waves and I had seen some really crazy shots from a reef named Deadmans in Sydney, when I was down there once I was lucky enough to be there during a big swell event. This wave in this shot was massive, it was bigger than this before it barrelled and probably one of the biggest waves I have shot.

Thanks for reading and hope you liked my shots


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